Some of Angie’s Clients Reviews

“Angie I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.  Being able to express all those difficult feelings and past issues, and then to learn how to look at present issues in a much more balanced way has helped me enormously.  Thank you. (Wend A.  SOA)


“I found Angie last year when I was really struggling, after suffering with depression for over 10 years i decided enough was enough, Angie has helped me immeasurably. Her CBT techniques are great, she was empathetic when needed but also clear and strong in her advice. I am now equipped with tools to help me deal with life and all it might throw at me. I would recommend Angie Walker to anyone who is struggling, I feel sure she will help you find a way to break through to be who you know you can be” (Helen Kenilworth)


“I am 21 years old and decided to visit Angie shortly after I completed my A-levels. I achieved good grades but felt confused and unsure about what to do next. Angie helped me to explore my options and identify what it was I wanted to do and how i could get there. Through her sessions I realised my aspiration was to travel and work with underprivileged children in various communities. Throughout the coaching Angie was very easy to talk to and I feel my self-confidence has increased and I am more positive about my future.” (Fliss Warwick)


“Angie’s CBT and life coaching is really thorough and really works. She starts you off delving into what you really want – something I wasn’t too sure about until I’d been taken through my goal setting plan. She found out which areas of my life needed some changes and which could be safely left alone. Once started we spent several sessions planning out and refining approaches to make the sure changes that I wanted would actually happen and stay secure and permanent. Angie never criticises if you haven’t achieved all you set out to do since the last session – instead I was taught to celebrate all the small successes in line with my goals and aims. And what a success this less self critical approach has been! I’ve taken up new hobbies. I have a better more balance approach to work and a calmer more relaxed attitude to life generally. And what was most important to me was that I kept my driving force going on my career objectives. Thanks Angie for giving me a new zest to life!” (Richard Stratford Upon Avon)


“I’m a 28 year old professional who went to see Angie due to significant anxiety and confidence issues. Angie provided me with a whole new perspective on managing my stresses and in turn overcoming my symptoms, to the point where I feel my old self. I’m feeling so much more confident and in control and I know that even on bad days in the future I’m able to refer back to what I learnt with Angie”                                      (28 Year Old Professional. Leamington Spa)


“I approached Angie to overcome my fears of feeling trapped on a plane. Angie was calm and very easy to talk to. This made me feel a settled and made me open up rather than be concerned what I was about to tell a complete stranger! Her techniques to talk through my problem in detail to diagnose and understand really helped her provide me with tools and techniques to get over an irrational fear. I would recommend Angie to anyone who has any fear or worry bottled inside. By opening up to Angie, I was able to overcome a phobia which literally gave me the sweats at night” (Darry.

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I found Angie for counselling to deal with some past issues which were still affecting me years later.. “out of the blue” memories, images and sounds arose making me feel I was back there and that it was all happening again. I could be anywhere and something would trigger and I just felt frozen to the spot and sort of “not with it or zoned out”, which felt agonising, and that I was unable to share with anybody, leaving me feeling stressed and anxious and sometimes fearful. It was having a big impact on my life and relationships…. wanted to erase these memories as consciously I knew I had a good life and so much to live for.
I also had EMDR Sessions with Angie. She explained well and made me feel safe and comfortable throughout. The memories now feel like they are in the distant past and I don’t recall them unless I specifically want to, but if I do it seems like I am just telling a story, without experiencing any disturbing emotions at all, and it’s okay.. after all these years I feel free and able to enjoy my life and feel optimistic about the future… thank you!      (P L.  Solihull)
I have seen Angie for a few sessions and words cannot describe how grateful I am. I found myself at one of the lowest points in my life and thought that I’d give therapy a go. I have seen Angie for over a month on a weekly basis, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d be at the point that I am now, feeling completely happy and in control.
I have also tried the EDMR therapy Angie offers in order to attempt to get over a fear of flying, which was once a passion of mine turned into a fear after experiencing violent turbulence.. After just one session, I have re found my passion in aviation and am even looking to apply for a career in the aviation industry.
Once again, I am so grateful and could not recommend Counselling with Angie enough.  (TRB)


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