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I am a highly experienced Counsellor & Psychotherapist and EMDR Practitioner, with a Medical Background as a Nurse, having worked in the caring field over a period spanning 40 years.   I offer Counselling, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), EMDR Therapy, Life Coaching, & (hands-on) Craniosacral Therapy.

Counselling offers a Confidential Space to make sense of what is happening during the problematic or distressing times in our lives.  I am an Accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist and I can help you with numerous issues, including Anxiety, Depression, Relationship issues & much else…

Counselling & Therapy can you help with all sorts of numerous issues such as:

Stress / Anxiety / Depression
Generalised anxiety
Negative thinking
Feelings of finding it hard to cope
Feeling stressed or overwhelmed
Fear, worry, shame, guilt, resentments, anger issues
Post Traumatic Stress / PTSD
Coping mechanisms
Relaxation Methods
Loss or Bereavement
Relationship Difficulties
Family problems
Work or career issues
Sleep problems / Exhaustion
Feelings of stuckness  or at a crossroads
Low self-esteem or confidence
Chronic Pain Conditions
And much else…..

Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed.. or going through difficult feelings such as stress, worry, fear, guilt, or negative thoughts?  Perhaps you are finding it difficult to concentrate, or to focus any more.  Maybe you feel as though things or other people are getting you down.  Perhaps you are feeling numb, exhausted or as if you are not coping too well?

People go through difficult patches for a variety of reasons..  If you are reading this then perhaps this is your time to reach out and ask for some help.  I guess sometimes, we think we are the only ones who go through this but from my experience that isn’t true.  Perhaps at least as many as one in three people reach a point sometime in their lives where they could do with an Empathic, Supportive, Confidential, Non-judgmental Listening ear.  I can offer you that!

How Does Counselling Work?

I work as an ‘Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist’..  which simply  means that I incorporate techniques from various theoretical backgrounds, pulling out specific areas and tailoring them to your own unique particular needs or requirements.  This makes the Therapy more personal to you.  Counselling aims to help you deal with and overcome issues that are causing you to suffer pain, discontentment, distress or unease….

Counselling provides a safe, confidential and nonjudgemental space..
for you to explore and express difficult feelings, rather than suppressing them inside..  You might have found that difficult feelings or emotions when held in for long periods of time, sometimes lead to physical problems, such as aches & pains, indigestion, IBS, back or neck tension, headaches, migraines, insomnia..
My Medical Background as a nurse, means I work holistically, incorporating both physical & mental health..

What is the Process?

Periodically, as we explore your issues..  it may be helpful to review some of your life areas or significant experiences, and these are often found to be interlinked some way.  Discovering insights may be the first step to healing… It can be a great relief and most self-empowering to share worry’s and fears with someone who acknowledges your feelings and is able to help you reach positive, constructive and effective solutions.

How will Counselling make me feel?

Releasing unexpressed emotions or worry’s can help immensely..
offering you renewed energy, clarity of mind, creativity and general improvement in your health and wellbeing.  During your counselling journey, you will explore and develop untapped strengths, support networks and coping skills.  Through this process, you will notice that you become clearer, more stress resilient, balanced, grounded and focused.  In fact, “Back in control and in the driving seat”!!

What can I offer you?

I offer both long and short term Counselling for Individuals and Couples.. I can also provide Telephone Counselling Appointments, which can be useful for a number of reasons which stop you physically getting here.  An Initial Free 15-minute No-obligation Consultation, Face-to-face or by telephone if you prefer, will offer you the opportunity to explore whether we can work together, and to discuss questions any you have.

(I can also offer a hands-on therapy approach, known as Craniosacral Therapy.  This can be taken as a single therapy or may be taken alongside talking therapy.  For lots more info about CST, click on the icon below, (International Association of  Healthcare Practitioners & visit the the Craniosacral Therapy Page on this site).


For more information or to book an appointment: Contact: Angie Walker
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