How do the therapy sessions work?

The general structure of the sessions is similar for each therapy provided.  Sessions are held in a safe, supportive, comfortable environment, with your confidentiality being paramount at all times.  Your free consultation may lead you on to your Assessment Session.  It is at this time I will take your details and you can discuss your queries, concerns and issues, we get to know each other and can decide whether we can work together.

Are the sessions fully confidential?

All sessions are confidential, and also all data, within the Data Protection Act. 


How do I know if my therapist is fully qualified and right for me?

It is important for you to choose a  therapist who is on an “Accredited Register”.
I am an Accredited Counsellor and a Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP), and also The National Counselling Society (MNCS).  This means I follow a code of Ethics and Practice Guidelines which are there to protect you.  No doubt before you choose me as your therapist, you may have done some research.  Should you find that you change your mind about me being your practitioner, you have the right to do so


How many sessions will I require?

Most people tend to come once or twice weekly at first, depending on your own particular circumstances.   Quantity of sessions required will be discussed and agreed upon by us mutually and regularly reviewed in order to to meet your requirements.  “Research has shown that most clients achieve the most benefits, if they undertake a course of sessions”.


Session Fees & Duration & Process 

Face to Face, Counselling / Psychotherapy / CBT:  50 mins £55.00

Personal Life Coaching:  60 mins  £75.00

Couple Counselling (Person Centred, Structured, Solution  Focused Therapy):
60 mins £90.00

*EMDR Assessment Session 75 mins  at £95.00

EMDR Treatment Session:  60 mins £90.00

Craniosacral Therapy / Reiki Healing Sessions:  40 mins £55.00

Counselling & Craniosacral Therapy (CST sessions followed on):  80 mins £100.00

Telephone / FaceTime/ WhatsApp/ Counselling 45 mins £55.00

(All fees are to be settled prior to, or beginning or end of each session)

“Free 15 Minute Consultation”

*This Consultation may be taken separately, or we can book the time out with a view to going straight ahead with your Assessment Session on the same day if you choose.  There is no issue or charge should you change your mind, or decide not to go ahead with the Assessment Session on that day.

For further information or to book an appointment please contact
Angie Walker:

Phone: (07827) 966031  

Email:  angie4wellbeing@hotmail.com